I am a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. I work in contemporary political philosophy, ethics and economics. Currently, I am a member of the research project “Fair Limits” led by Ingrid Robeyns. My research focusses on ‘limitarianism’, which is the view that it is bad that some people have more than a certain amount of economic resources. You can find my first paper on that topic here.

I am interested in a broad range of other debates in philosophy and related fields as well. I am currently co-authoring a paper on the moral limits of the market, and have written a piece for a wider audience on justice, technology, and climate change. I wrote my MA thesis on disability and Kantianism. By elaborating on the idea of a sensus communis, I argued that Kantians must attribute moral status to all agents who can make aesthetic judgments. I am also interested in questions about democracy, state neutrality and religion, and specifically the role of religion and tradition in public discourse.

Over the past few years, I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses in a wide range of topics, for example on the history of philosophy, social and political philosophy, ethics of institutions, normative and applied ethics, philosophy of mind, moral psychology, and philosophical anthropology.

I received a Research Master’s degree in Philosophy from Utrecht University (2017, cum laude). I hold Bachelor’s degrees in Religious Studies and Theology (2015, cum laude) and Philosophy (2015) from Utrecht University. I studied philosophy and theology as a visiting student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and Protestant Theological University.